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Welcome to the real good family
where we believe in
doing good AND feeling good.

Quality you'll believe in

We create nature-based bath and body products using the highest quality ingredients we can find to create products you love to use. We also believe in doing real good in the world, so a part of your purchases go to worthy causes. This means that our products feel good ON your skin, and you can feel good IN your skin.

We believe in REAL

Real ingredients like Shea butter and essential oils of course, but we also believe in BEING real. Authenticity. Loving every person for who they truly are. Not the “kiss kiss I love you” kind of love, but the real, “I see your soul and glory in your truth” kind of love. No exceptions. Come as you are. You have a place here.

We believe in GOOD

Donating to worthy causes will always be our bedrock. We also try to do good in our every day operations, like building an inclusive, joyful and kind workplace and striving for sustainability in our work processes and packaging. We send love and light to all who enter our little corner of the world.

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Small town, mighty team

We’re nestled in the small-town goodness of Crookston, Minnesota, where we’re proud to hand make each of our products to the highest standard. Our small but mighty and loyal team loves creating, connecting with our amazing customers, being guinea pigs for new products (we’re the only animals we test on), and complaining about the Northern Minnesota weather. We genuinely enjoy working together to create real and good products for you to enjoy.

Thanks for being part of the goodness.
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