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Citrus Blast Shampoo
Newsletter S.
Best Shampoo Bar

I love that Real Good shampoo bars don't add oil to my oily hair. It lathers so well too and washes clean. The smell is so good in the bathroom when I shower. I'm a new repeat customer and won't go anywhere else for shampoo bars from now on! Yay, local!!


The face soap @ Real Good is amazing! I have had people ask me what I have done. acne, blemish, fine lines, all improved or gone & all I did was change my soap.


i bought one of your bath bombs at the mall the other day, and I LOVE IT! literally never been so relaxed and it smelt so good! <3

Cassandra K.

I can't say enough good things about these products! I picked out a few of the bath bombs a couple months ago and have been super impressed. "Tension release" felt like pressing restart on my life, and so far is my favorite. I tried a few other scents, all great, made my skin feel awesome. I tried the ADORABLE shark shaped "The Meg" bath bomb and it brought me a big smile. Went back last Friday and got more bath bombs, shower fizzies, and some bubble bars. These products go toe to toe with some commercial luxury bath bombs I have used. I'm so happy we have something like this in Fargo!

Love these products!

I just received many of their products for Christmas. They smell amazing and feel incredible on my body. I love that they are all natural products and that the owner is so kind.

Amazing one of a kind products and fantastic service

Run don’t walk to these amazing products.

Beautiful store and great service!

Relax Bath Bomb
Danielle S.

Love this place! Everything is amazing.

My kids and I stopped by their Kiosk in West Acres Mall. Got some goodies to try at home. their rose hip bath bomb is HEAVEN. The moment I got into that tub after the bomb fizzled and flowers through the water I felt enveloped in God's embrace. Oh it was like having the spa without having to leave the house. Y'all gotta get some of these amazing bath products. My daughters both enjoy getting into the tub knowing they can feel relaxed and at peace using the bath bombs and also the soaps. Can't wait to get more soaps from this retailer. TOTALLY WORTH EVERY CENT THEY CHARGE ❤❤❤❤.

Love the charcoal and clay soap...feels fabulous for facials! Thanks for recommending it!

These are the only bath bombs I’ve been buying for over a year. They do not stain my tub or cause skin to break out. The essential oil bath bombs are my favorite. I deal with fibro and these help my body relax from tension, aches and flare ups. I’m also huge fan of the bath foams. Lavender will put you right to sleep. A lot of heart goes into these products. Bath time has been my new therapy! Thank you for creating an amazing product that truly helps the tension and stress of life. I highly recommend any of these products for relaxation or self-care. You won’t be disappointed!!!

Nay A.

10/10 The only bath bombs that don’t give me a rash!! I make sure to visit real good every time I’m in Fargo. Also- try the Meg. Trust me. 🦈

Thanks, Nay!

The products are high quality and they work! My favorite bar soap is the Full Circle soap (with pink Himalayan salt and Dead Sea clay), favorite bath bombs are the Over the Rainbow (a rainbow comes out of the cloud-shaped bomb when put in water) and the Relax (with essential oils of German chamomile, orange, and lavender).

Can I say, first of all, that I love ALL of these products! But I need to rave about the deodorant! I have struggled with finding a good deodorant for YEARS!!!! everything I have tried either gives me a rash, chemical burn, or stops working halfway through the day (I have such sensitive skin. it's annoying 😣) but! Real Good Bath & Body has this AMAZING charcoal deodorant! I've been using it for months now and it works so well! No stink. No rash. No burn. No pain! absolutely amazing!!!! 😍

I love many of the products Carol has but I especially love the natural deodorant! It’s the only deodorant that I have been using for the past year and my favorite scents are either the fresh lime and mint or the lavender tea tree. I recently took it with me to a trip to Panama and it did an awesome job at keeping the smell away in the humid tropical environment. 🙂

I love using their bar shampoo.

Love that the products are natural and made from the best ingredients. They smell fabulous, too!

I love the products here! I'm hooked on the shampoo bar, as in I can't ever go back to the bottle. The lotion bar has done wonders for my son's skin. And the shower steamers are the best!

Amazing products that are vegan and handmade.

Zen Bath Bomb
Christina F.

Love this place! Everything they sell is amazing and smells so good/yummy.

I happen to see her products at West Acres in Fargo. Love the Peace and Calm lotion and bath salts. To find out everything is in Crookston. Love it 😊

Soothe Soap
Miranda B.

You guys! These products are amazing! From bath bombs, to natural soaps, to lotions, and so so much more! A locally owned company that actually cares about the planet and your health ♥️ I cannot recommend this place enough! If you're looking for some natural QUALITY bath and body products, this is the place to go!

Their soaps feel and smell amazing. They also just released some bar soaps for your hair and it made my hair feel so soft, I just wish the scent would last longer in my hair. As someone with curly hair, I usually can't brush my hair when it's dry, but I have been able to since I got this shampoo.