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Meg Bath Bomb

Citrus Blast Shampoo

Citrus Soft Conditioner

The Beat Hair Products

I am in shock! I have the citrus blast shampoo and the citrus softener for my natural curly hair. My curls are so defined and my hair is not dry anymore. A little bit goes a long way! I will never go back to regular hair products. My hair is not falling out anymore! My scalp is so healthy. Thank you for these amazing products!

One of my favorite products

I love the natural deodorants from Real Good. The lavender and tea tree smells great and it really works. I feel great knowing it doesn't have any toxins or harmful products like other deodorants.

Rosemary Mint Soap

I've been using this soap for several years now. It is my favorite. Keeps me smelling fresh all day and so gentle to my sensitive skin.

Feather Lite Face Serum

I love this product. Also, appreciate how quickly my order arrived.

Husband loves it!

Love the ease of this lotion and the little tin it comes in.

Soothe Soap

Makes your skin super soft and smells great

Smells great and doesn’t leave residue!

Big Balm
Kathy A.
The Best

Big Balm is all I use!!! Long lasting, unscented, smooth and non-toxic.

I tried the native deodorant but it always left residue on my clothes and got chunky after the day, but this deodorant melts evenly and doesn’t leave much of a residue on clothes! And I can smell it more than my perfume sometimes, I LOVE IT. I also tend to get tender under arms with other deodorants, this one is soooo gentle on my skin.

Love this stuff!

Fits perfect in your purse and can use on hands or lips!! Smells good too!

My favorite scent!

Happily ever after is hands down my favorite bath bomb scent! I would use this scent in other items too!

Big Balm
All Other Balms are Inferior

After being gifted one of these bad boys and using it for a while, all other sticks seem inferior. Just picked up a couple more. I love it.

I love how quickly it absorbs into my skin and improves the texture.Rubbing what is left on my palms into my forearms and hands

Excellent quality

I use a lot of lotions and oils that are supposed to help with muscle relaxation and this is a new fav! I lift weights and it is perfect and not to greasy. Does what I want and feels amazing 👏

Best deodorant!!

This is the BEST deodorant!! The smell is fresh and not overwhelming! So happy I can order online.

Love this stuff!

Found this place on trip to Crookston and fell in love with this soap! It says its for underarms but it works whereever you get sweaty. It rinses clean and leaves a good base for natural deodorant. The scent is not overpowering which is a big plus for me! Try it! You won't be disappointed!

Meg Bath Bomb
Taylor B.
Meg smells AMAZING

Not only is this bath bomb adorable, it also smells incredible and made for quite the soothing bath. Will most likely be re-ordering!

Big Balm
Victoria P.
Great for chapped lips

I love the big balm for when I get really chapped lips in the winter.

Amazing product

I was always nervous about using an oily serum on my face because I tend to have oily skin. However, Carol convinced me that this was the perfect product for my skin, and SHE WAS RIGHT. This is my must-have product for my skincare routine. Whenever I run out and have to replace my serum with an alternative, I instantly notice a difference. Once you try this product, you will notice a difference in your skin texture and appearance. Your skin will thank you.

Oil Cleanser
Victoria P.
Perfect for my skin

The oil cleanser is a great base for any skincare routine. It is a gentle cleanser that helps clear my face for the day. It has never caused me to break out, and although my skin tends to be oily, this cleanser helps balance my skin out and clear it up nicely.

I love all the Real Good Bath and Body products. My favorites are the deoderànts, the charcoal soap, and the rosemary mint soap. Years of education and research have gone into each product making them the best out there.