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Oil Cleanser


Cleanse, moisturize, and balance in one step. Natural oils dissolve impurities while preserving the face's natural pH. Rinses cleanly and leaves your face hydrated, supple, and clean.

  • pH balanced for skin
  • gentle cleansing
  • rinses cleanly
  • emollient

The first component in our "Cleanse, Moisturize, Nourish" system uses natural oils to dissolve impurities and, unlike traditional cleansers, preserve your skin's natural pH balance. This prevents your skin from producing more oil or drying out. Like we said, it's all about (pH) balance.

Real Good Oil Cleanser is made with vitamin-rich rice bran oil to keep the years off, impurity-busting castor oil, and borage oil to soothe that beautiful skin of yours. Frankincense carterii essential oil soothes and rejuvenates while lavender essential oil adds extra nourishment and protection to get your glow back.

To use, pour a dime-sized amount of cleanser into your hand and warm it up before applying it to your face. Massage it deeply into your pores with a special focus on any trouble spots. Leave it on for 1-30 minutes, then use a warm, wet cloth to gently massage away the oil. You'll find our natural emulsifier makes for easy rinsing!

Star Ingredients
  • organic
  • high-oleic sunflower oil
  • castor oil
  • natural emulsifier for easy rinsing
Other Ingredients

rice bran oil, castor oil, borage oil, olive oil PEG 7 esters, frankincense and lavender essential oils, vitamin E oil, grapefruit seed extract

Apply the oil cleanser to dry skin. Massage the cleansing oil into the skin and pores to dissolve impurities, build-up, and sebum. Gently wipe away the impurities with a damp wash cloth. Follow with moisturizing toner. Can be used daily.

Usage Tips

  • Massage longer or allow the oils to soak in for a few minutes for a deeper clean.
  • Use a gentle microfiber cloth for a deeper cleanse.
  • Place the soap on a soap dish.
  • Apply the cleanser before the shower to allow the steam of the shower to open pores. Massage the face and rinse in the shower for ease.
  • Wash the face at night to remove impurities gathered during the day. There is often no need to wash again in the morning.
  • Combine with a gentle clay for a pore-erasing scrub.

Based in Nature

Nature's goodness. No phthalates, parabens, silicones or sulfates.

Cruelty Free

We're the only animals we test on! Our suppliers are cruelty free, too.


Each product is hand-crafted with care and is as unique as you are.

Oil Cleanser


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Judith B.
Feather Lite Face Serum

I love this product. Also, appreciate how quickly my order arrived.

Kathy A.

I love how quickly it absorbs into my skin and improves the texture.Rubbing what is left on my palms into my forearms and hands

Amazing product

I was always nervous about using an oily serum on my face because I tend to have oily skin. However, Carol convinced me that this was the perfect product for my skin, and SHE WAS RIGHT. This is my must-have product for my skincare routine. Whenever I run out and have to replace my serum with an alternative, I instantly notice a difference. Once you try this product, you will notice a difference in your skin texture and appearance. Your skin will thank you.

Victoria P.
Perfect for my skin

The oil cleanser is a great base for any skincare routine. It is a gentle cleanser that helps clear my face for the day. It has never caused me to break out, and although my skin tends to be oily, this cleanser helps balance my skin out and clear it up nicely.

Simply the Best

When my acne prone skin also started to get dry patches a change was in need. Carol suggested the oil cleanser. I was skeptical to use oil on oily, combination skin - but was quickly convinced. Simple to rub on, hop in the shower or lay a hot wash cloth on to get a deeper clean. Acne and dryness both improved! Have been using for almost 6 years now and still in love. You know you are putting real good ingredients on your face every time. Carol the owner does so much for communities all over and continues to work towards less waste.

Marti H.

Amazing products and love the people too!