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Original Deodorant


Our original no stink, no harmful ingredients stick. Works like a charm.

  • aluminum free
  • baking soda free
  • all-natural
  • truly natural deodorant that truly gets rid of odor

This is the stick that cracked the no-stink code! Our original deodorizing essential oil blend fights odors all day long. Made with palmarosa, lemon, patchouli, coriander, pink grapefruit, cypress, bergamot and tea tree essential oils, this crisp and bright scent is our most popular deodorant.

Each Real Good deodorant utilizes the power of organic, naturally deodorizing herbs of sage and cleavers which are infused in moisturizing, stain-free MCT oil. Magnesium hydroxide gently alters the underarm pH to prevent anything stinky from hanging out. 

You'll find absolutely no aluminum or baking soda here!

Star Ingredients
  • herb-infused MCT oil
  • pH balancing magnesium hydroxide
  • odor-fighting essential oils
Other Ingredients

MCT oil infused with sage and cleavers, magnesium hydroxide, zinc oxide, tapioca starch, cetyl alcohol (a natural fatty acid), essential oils (palmarosa, lemon, patchouli, lavender, pink grapefruit, cypress, bergamot, tea tree, dalmatian sage)

Apply a thin layer of deodorant to clean, dry armpits. Massage in as desired.

Based in Nature

Nature's goodness. No phthalates, parabens, silicones or sulfates.

Cruelty Free

We're the only animals we test on! Our suppliers are cruelty free, too.


Each product is hand-crafted with care and is as unique as you are.

Original Deodorant


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
One of my favorite products

I love the natural deodorants from Real Good. The lavender and tea tree smells great and it really works. I feel great knowing it doesn't have any toxins or harmful products like other deodorants.


I tried the native deodorant but it always left residue on my clothes and got chunky after the day, but this deodorant melts evenly and doesn’t leave much of a residue on clothes! And I can smell it more than my perfume sometimes, I LOVE IT. I also tend to get tender under arms with other deodorants, this one is soooo gentle on my skin.

Valerie B.
Best deodorant!!

This is the BEST deodorant!! The smell is fresh and not overwhelming! So happy I can order online.

Carla C.

I love all the Real Good Bath and Body products. My favorites are the deoderànts, the charcoal soap, and the rosemary mint soap. Years of education and research have gone into each product making them the best out there.

Kathy A.
The Best

No irritation and long lasting. The only one I can use.

Carma S.
Love this deodorant!

REAL GOOD'S deodorant is really good! Works 100% of the time and also eliminates my itchy, dry skin. I will continue to reorder!